Corona virus update!

This is the advice that we have been given from Cycling UK, so in accordance with them we have decided to postpone all club events and rides until it passes. However if anyone is seeking advice or just needs someone to talk to while they are self isolating we are here. If you do choose to go out on your own, stay safe and we will see you on the other side.

With Coronavirus on everyone’s minds and the situation developing rapidly, it’s clear that there will be a massive impact on the events and activities of your group. Following the Government advice to limit social interactions as far as possible, Cycling UK is advising all groups (where more than one person cycles together) to postpone rides and events for the time being. This was not a decision taken lightly but it is necessary in the interest of protecting the most vulnerable members of our society. Cycling UK is closely following the latest Government guidelines to ensure our advice is as up to date as possible.

With that being said, we still need to continue to care for our mental and physical health. Many of us will find ourselves spending far more time at home and possibly seeing a reduction in our activity levels. I’m sure there’s no need for me to extoll the benefits of cycling for your health! Now more than ever we must all get out on our bikes for a bit of exercise and fresh air, albeit on our own rather than as a group. This, of course, depends on your situation and the level of risk posed to yourself by the coronavirus.

As always, please apply common sense to any decision you make to go cycling and factor in your circumstances when following any advice. Please spread this message to the members of your group and other cyclists. The actions we take now may be difficult but will save lives. There will be plenty of cycling to be done when this is all over!

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