Turbo Training Sessions

Indoor Winter Training Nights

Winter season indoor training starts again  New dates will be announced shortly

Venue: South Bromsgrove High School, Charford Rd B60 3NL, in the Gym (which is to the rear of the school but only accessed via the main school entrance)

Every Tuesday Evening

Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
(Warning: BAM/South are expecting us at 7pm, & may not be available to let anyone in at a later time)

Parking: large car park close to the main school entrance
Cost: £2 per person per session
Coach: Ian Billington
Storage: we cannot leave any of our stuff there (or, at least, not without the permission of BAM/South, which we don’t have at the moment)

Gym floor: it’s essential that we protect the floor (it would cost a fortune if we damaged it); so always take a roll mat.

BOCC have two turbos & two sets of rollers; but as we can’t leave them at the venue, please contact Ian Billington (07802 930310) if you haven’t got your own.

Please try to support these sessions; looking forward to seeing you there.

Contact Ian Billington for more information.

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